IAB, your specialized producer of metal accessories for the high fashion industry

The production of metal accessories requires various complex processes and the use of very different materials.

At our factory, we deal directly with all production processes, from prototyping to final inspection, ensuring maximum confidentiality.

Thanks to the absence of intermediaries or external support, we can organize all production activities efficiently and according to the needs of each project.

From an idea to a tangible project

Our creations begin from prototyping, where all projects – even the most innovative ideas – begin to take shape, turning the ideas of designers and stylists into reproducible models.

Creativity and craftsmanship make IAB the place where raw metal is transformed into refined accessories that embellish the creations of many luxury brands.

Right from the initial design stages, our experienced team can provide indications and advice on how to optimize the production of each piece, finding tailor-made solutions that take into consideration deadlines and budgets.

We personally make moulds, taking care of every detail – even the smallest ones – for maximum accuracy and precision.

We select the most appropriate technology taking into account all project specifications.

Once the moulds have been created, it is time to give shape to the project. In our workshop, metal undergoes a real metamorphosis that gives it new forms. Investment casting, hot stamping, zamak die casting, cutting, vibrating, vibratory finishing and galvanizing are all carried out in our company.

We follow all finishing phases with great attention, guaranteeing impeccable results thanks to several quality checks, which are crucial to meet the rigorous standards of luxury brands.


01 —


The development phase during which the projects take shape.

02 —


Internal production of moulds for mass production, using cutting-edge technology and utmost professionalism.

03 —

Zamak die-casting and brass stamping

Every project requires specific types of technology, which is why at our factory we offer different solutions for the production of metal accessories.

04 —

Investment Casting

A century-old technique that allows our department, together with the craftsmen, to create “unique pieces” made with the utmost attention.

05 —


Our team guarantees high-quality surface finishes, such as sanding and deburring, which are necessary to make impeccable final products.

06 —

Cleaning and polishing

A professional treatment to prepare metal surfaces for subsequent processing and aesthetic finishes.

07 —


A new and innovative department that offers simplified finishing processes of the highest quality, while fully complying with all technical specifications.

08 —


A department that specializes in many innovative nuances, effects and textures – chosen according to the clients’ needs.

09 —

Quality control

Our specialized quality control department is continuously trained to provide products and services that match the quality levels and excellence of our clients.

We find tailor-made solutions for every project