IAB: Metal accessories for the fashion industry

We have been producing top-quality metal accessories for the high fashion industry since 1972 with one motto: to express the excellence of Italian manufacturing.

IAB is a byword for creativity and manufacturing.
We transform raw metal into refined accessories that embellish the creations of many luxury brands.

All the production processes are carried out at our factories in Tuscany, in the heart of the fashion and manufacturing district of Florence.

A 100% Italian production that combines technology, experience and craftsmanship.

One partner, no compromise

Our team includes all the various professionals necessary to transform the ideas of designers and stylists into final products.
A single partner for maximum efficiency, reliability and quality.

Our team

The strength of IAB lies in the professionalism of its team. We value the skills and commitment of every person who works for us, as we firmly believe that the best results can only be achieved by working together and sharing the same goals.

At IAB, we combine modern technology with the best craftsmanship available. Our highly specialized collaborators are masters at shaping any project, even the most innovative ones.

We are proud to manually create unique pieces that we consider small works of art.

Responsibility and quality

We firmly believe that it is possible to maintain the highest quality standards and, at the same time, respect both the environment and people.

For this reason, we are fully committed to finding ways to make every IAB process more sustainable, which is demonstrated by the certifications we hold:

  • SA 8000: an internationally accredited and recognized standard awarded only to those organizations that want to stand out for their commitment to sustainable development and social issues. IAB is fully committed to maintaining a healthy and respectful work environment.
  • ISO 9001: our rigorous and constant control and monitoring of all production processes are aimed at making both the creation of our products and the provision of our services more effective and efficient. Our ultimate goal is to fully satisfy the needs of our clients.

IAB is also actively involved in reducing the impact of its operations on the environment, which is achieved by carefully managing the production processes and the disposal of waste.

We find tailor-made solutions for every project